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Let’s not dilly Daly

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July 14 2017

Here comes another one of those pesky young upstarts.

Josh Daly – Account Manager

Ok so Josh...Mummy met Daddy then blah blah blah you’re an Account Manager at Dow. Where have you come from? 

Well I came up as a wee lad in England before the Daly squad decided it was time for a slight change in location – I’ve been in Auckland for the past 16 or so years and definitely call it home (although my sporting support remains back with the Queen – cue the haters).

Since growing up from that wee lad I’ve studied a few various bits and pieces including Photography as well as Marketing and Advertising – it would be cliché to say Mad Men had an effect on me but I can’t deny the truth there. Would it be obvious to mention I started my agency career next?

I joined OMD on the big boy that is Air New Zealand and had a wild ol‘ ride which was an epic experience, and well, here I am!

What attracted you to the design world and to Dow? 

Getting to know students studying Graphic Design whilst I was completing my photography study was when I started to generate interest in Design. I was lucky enough to see their projects evolve, bounce ideas around and create alongside one-another.

After study I maintained my interest and through Social and the world wide web would follow brands who’s comms and aesthetic were beautifully constructed – the truth is I was becoming obsessed to the point where I collected business cards/inserts from brands I admired.

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to join Dow where I see amazing work constantly flowing – it’s an incredibly inspiring environment for me to be in.

Having that media experience behind you what special skills (other than numchuck, bow hunting and computer hacking skills obviously) can you bring to Dow? 

Excel hacks anyone? No? It’s not nerdy at all (I joke, it’s very nerdy) but I’m enjoying finding all of the shortcuts in the Mac version of Excel. Being from a large media agency I’ve learnt to juggle quite a few things at once and always be on my toes, whilst being creative but analytical at the same time.

But seriously – being here for a just over a month I can clearly see that the team have an epic workflow going on from the talent/experience we have at Dow and I’m keen to get stuck in along with them. I’m looking to bring the same hunger and drive that everyone has at Dow and be a part of producing outstanding work for our clients.

What other interests/passions have you got going on there? I’m hearing Japan? Photography? Coffee lover (Where’s your top coffee from? At home are you a plunger or stove top kinda guy?) Am I right? Anything else? 

Massive fan of Japan – it’s the most amazing place I’ve visited to date. Everything about the place is stunning and I can’t wait to get back. I’ve definitely got the travel bug at the moment, but doesn’t everyone right? Next stop, New York.

Still in love with photography although I really need to stop relying on my phone for photos and get my actual camera out more often. Shameless self-promotion (@joshdnz) for the gram, and go follow @dowdesign while you’re at it.

Coffee is definitely my number one – the kind of number one that if I had one drink for the rest of my life then that would be it. There’s nothing better than sitting in a café on a crisp day sippin’ a Flat White. Favourite coffee you say? Definitely a Flat White from the guys at Daily Daily on K Road – best I’ve had hands down. At home I’d say I’m a plunger guy, no milk or sugar.

Paired with that plunger would be a little vinyl session – depending on the mood it could be anywhere between Wu-Tang Clan to The Smiths.