Donovans Dimond Illustration for Packaging

A girl's best friend.

It was 1991. Patrick Donovan, a chocolatier schooled in European techniques, started the chocolate company that bore his name. It developed organically, as small businesses do – resulting in a confused and old-fashioned look that didn’t reflect its quality. Fast forward to 2011. Donovan’s was bought by Prolife Foods, another family firm, and Dow came on board to look at the big picture. It was all about making Donovan’s premium. But not too premium. Our insight was, this chocolate is for women, it’s emotive….it’s all about feeling good. So it needed to feel personal, individual and charming. Without taking itself too seriously. Hence ‘like chocolates for diamonds’ (replacing diamonds as a girl’s best friend). The creative idea was individual, irreverent and crafted. For intimate moments, not mass consumption. We also helped Donovan’s create adventurous flavours and products to emphasis craftsmanship and expertise.

Donovans image

"Since the new design hit the market we have experienced significant results and measurable growth. Dow listened and understood our business needs and through this partnership they have helped to drive value into our business"

— Mark Donovan, Specialty & Exports Sales Manager/Prolife Foods.