Columbine Model for Packaging

An idea with legs.

The brief: make a weary fashion icon, iconic again. Columbine was showing her age. Although well known and trusted, the brand had a bit of an image problem. It needed a dose of high-end fashion styling, stat. First we took time to understand the audience and design for who they wanted to be. Our idea was to transform Columbine into a product that meant elegant, effortless beauty all over – not just hosiery. The decision to show the model whole, rather than just a nice pair of pins, was essential. This was about making woman look and feel amazing. Not just covering their legs. We used colour across the range to capture a sense of high fashion in an everyday item. Now Columbine can enhance not just how a woman looks, but how she sees herself. It’s more than a product description. It’s telling a damn good story.

Columbine image Columbine image Columbine image Columbine image Columbine image Columbine image

"Inspired by both the pride of being New Zealand Made and the modern designs I had seen in Europe, I wanted something that was individual but also contemporary.  Knowing some of Dow’s work, I knew they were the company to take us there"

Alister Thorpe, Managing Director, Columbine Ltd